Getting Elected with Social Media

“Social media campaigns are very dynamic. None of the campaigns are utilizing or engaging the community or using social media to present engagement opportunities.” So asserts Tara D. Coomans of Akamai Marketing, which specializes in social media, copy writing, and event marketing. The quote comes from an article in today’s Star-Advertiser:

Getting elected is all about making connections

Social media tools are the latest tool in political campaigns, both here and across the nation. The Barack Obama web page from 2008 is still being studied as a masterful way to use the Internet to get voters to the polls.┬áDone correctly, those Facebook pages and Twitter feeds can be the crack cocaine of politics — something that makes the voters believe politicians love them, want to hear from them and really believe that they are all in this together.

Photo from Akamai Marketing, used with aloha.